Have you ever gone to the club alone or with your friends and ended up not having a fun and adventurous time? Usually, in situations like these, you might find yourself dragging around the club, with a drink at your hand, engaging in boring, monotonous and casual conversations with other people, checking your phone constantly or watching the time wishing for the whole thing to end and to just go home.

This is a situation that every man, at some point or another, must has found himself. But, I want you to compare the above mentioned situation with what happens when you visit a club with a female partner. Things are more adventurous, lively and fun. You are suddenly dancing, drinking, having fun and doing frivolous things you would never do alone or with male friends. From this, it can be concluded that a female presence, companion and partner at a club is very important. We will attempt to highlight certain reasons why we believe this is true and valid.

Let loose

The truth is when you are with male company, especially at a club, you believe that there are certain rules that you have to abide with so that your friends do not ridicule or tease you. You have to act a certain way, a predefined by society and peers way, so as not to be wrongly characterized or bullied by others. Society and popular culture have formed an image regarding how male groups should behave and act in social and fun environments.

But, this is not the case with female partnership. Somehow, when you are in the club with a female partner, you lower your inhibitions. You do not thing so much what others might say about you. You are having fun, you let your guard down and you are doing all these fun and adventurous things you dream of doing when you are with your friends.

Equals attract

Ever found yourself at a club with a female partner and suddenly more and more women are coming to talk to you, ask you out or want your number? We bet that this would have never happened if you were at the same club with your friends. There is actually a phycological reason behind this phenomenon. When in the presence of a woman, other women believe that you must be having some admirable qualities that led you to be chosen by your female friend in the first place. This is a behavior inherited through evolution and it is reflected in nature and in animals even now. This is, actually, why women are also attracted by someone wearing a wedding ring.

Overall, we believe that attending a party or going to a club with a woman is more fun, adventurous and enjoyable rather than going to the same party with only your male friends. For reasons highlighted above, the importance of female partnership is shown and proven irrefutable if you wish to have fun and an adventure at a club.

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